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Our mission is to rescue unwanted or neglected animals in loving and everlasting homes. Based out of the New England, we’re dedicated to saving these misunderstood pups and cats.

Meet a New Best Friend Today!

Have you thought of adopting a rescue animal? Pets are good for your health and all they ask for in return is a good home!

We provide services for those looking to adopt as well as current owners:



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We believe the article linked below is very important for all people who are considering adopting or fostering a dog. Please read and pass it on, thank you! Five Common Mistakes Adopters Make when Bringing Home a New Dog  

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The Gift of Life

Everyday, in shelters across the nation, mama dogs and their puppies are in grave danger. Shelters do not have the space or resources needed to house them for 8-10 weeks. Young puppies are also most at risk of getting sick with a variety of ailments from Kennel Cough to Parvo. If a rescue doesn’t pull these vulnerable families to safety within a few days of their arrival, none of them…

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We NEED Foster Homes!

We are always desperately in need of more foster homes.There are thousands of dogs who are on death row TODAY. They have committed no crime, they were just unfortunate enough to have irresponsible owners. Shelters are full of perfectly healthy, well behaved, adorable, loving family dogs. They come in all sizes, ages, and breeds. They will be killed simply because shelters have to make room for the hundreds of dogs…

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PAR Alumni is famous!

Remember our Hunny Bear? Well look at her now!! Hasn’t she excelled in the world!?  And she has a much more dignified name…Florence.   

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